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The Whole Scoop's menu is sure to satisfy your cravings.  We offer a menu that features both Great Food, and Sweet Treats that are available year round.

Wow! Where to begin with the Sweet Treats, we have so many offerings for everyone, whether you're in the mood to splurge or are sticking to a healthy eating plan, we've got a scoop for you!

Soft Serve Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream are a staple for us. This is what we use to make our Glaciers, a lot of soft serve with one or more of our 19 candies blended in.

Hand Dipped ice cream is hard ice cream, from Prairie Farms in 8 different flavors.

​Newberry's Frozen Yogurt is a fat and cholesterol free soft serve that is definitely a Guilt Free desert! Featuring 8 healthy rewards, this yogurt has only 32 calories per 1/2 cup, is safe for most diabetics and lactose intolerants! During peak season we carry 3 flavors that change weekly, all unique and naturally flavored with fructose. For more information, check out We can substitute Newberry's in shakes, sundaes, specialty items, etc.


We have several Specialty Items as well, many which are aptly named to reflect the culture of Grafton; the Life Boat, the Bald Eagle Sundae and the River Road are just a few.

The Buoy: Vanilla Soft Serve with strawberries and cheesecake bites

Sandbar: Soft Serve buried in s'mores, chocolate syrup and whipped cream

Mississippi Mud Pie: Vanilla Soft Serve smothered in hot fudge, crushed oreos, and gummy worms. 


We have 'Great Food' at The Whole Scoop! In addition to the typical ice cream shop food, such as pretzels, nacho's, hot dogs and corn dogs, we have a variety of choices for everyone. Our best selling items are all homemade, which we are very proud of. We hope you'll take time to have a relaxing lunch outside at our picnic tables this year, or drive thru if you're in a hurry. If you've got a large group or are short on time, call ahead (618-786-CONE) and we'll have your order ready!


Marinated, Grilled Chicken: we marinade our chicken in my Dad's secret marinade sauce for 24 hours before it's grilled. The flavor is locked in and the moist chicken is in two of our best sellers, our signature Chipotle Wrap and our Summer Salad.

Burgers: our burgers are almost a 1/2 pound, hand pattied thick and seasoned with a special blend that's just right for the grill.

Chili: our homemade Chili is my mom's recipe which is made with our homegrown tomatoes which really makes it special. I've added a bit of my spice too, so, you get all of that awesome chili flavor and a nice kick at the end.

Crispy Chicken: this deep fried chicken breast is way bigger than the bun and has excellent flavor, making it a best seller.


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